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Brendan Crowley - CEO, Co-Founder

Enver Gurhan KılınçCTO, Co-Founder

The OIG team has deep experience in technology and business development, and offer access to an extensive network. 

They work in a professional manner, and bring significant value. They are great people, and it is a pleasure working with them!


David Weekes

Business Innovation Manager,

Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute

Dr. Alireza Nojeh

Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Co-Founder, AweSEM Technologies

Our team worked with Optimal Innovation Group (OIG) to complete a market assessment. OIG approached the project with the highest degree of professional integrity, working within a strict budget and tight timelines, to produce a high-quality final deliverable that now underpins our current business plan and commercialization strategy. OIG was able to leverage their technical expertise and a rich network of industrial contacts to produce a highly-informative set of primary market research interviews, the results of which have helped significantly expanded our customer base.  We would strongly recommend OIG to any early-stage science and technology innovators that wish to get expert insight into their customers and their market.

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Peter Van Ballegooie 

(Former-retired) VP, Corporate Development

Rina Carlini conducted a market assessment project to help position a core EcoSynthetix technology for an adjacent business market. The project involved identifying the market characteristics, trends and opportunities, as well as understanding the critical technology and customer requirements for achieving market success, as well as developing a technology roadmap geared at entering the market within 2 years. An impressive final report and presentation was delivered to our senior leadership team, which culminated a significant, highly professional effort that was completed in a relatively short period of time, 


Ian Fodie 

(Former) Chief Financial Officer

Rina’s extensive network and deep expertise with intellectual property and trademarks were instrumental in her managing and optimizing RDT’s IP & trademark portfolio and external IP agreements; securing significant grant funding from provincial and federal agencies; and developing new R&D partnerships and clinical trials. Her leadership was paramount in the technical direction of product development and her insight was a valuable resource to the finance team when evaluating investment and partnership opportunities.


Early stage science and technology companies would benefit greatly from Rina’s expertise and insight to assist them with their growth plans and I would strongly recommend her as a valued resource.

Problem:  Identify novel compositions and scalable processes for producing oral, dissolvable thin film containing active medicinal ingredients. 
Solution:  Using statistical Design of Experiment (DoE) methods, we designed new formulations with enhanced film dissolving properties and optimized methods to prepare stable dispersions for casting as durable thin films.
Results:  Within 6 months, produced two new patent applications and developed scalable dispersion-making process for manufacturing.


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