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PROJECTS:  Bioproducts & CleanTech

Case Example: Bioproducts for Personal Care

Problem: Identify and evaluate new biotechnologies and biorenewable materials for use in personal care or cosmetic products.


•  Developed strategy to source and contact qualified suppliers of biorenewable/biobased ingredients and biotechnology processors.

•  Performed a preliminary assessment of sourced technologies, reviewing patents, marketing literature, quality documents (COAs) and technical data sheets to assess the product sustainability.

Results: Delivered a diversified R&D product development strategy to include eco-sustainable solutions for the development of a new line of  sustainable and eco-friendly products.


Case Example: Sustainable Cosmetics Company

Problem: Company was seeking strategic advising and to build an R&D plan for the development of novel cosmetic formulations and finished products using sustainable ingredients and packaging.



•  Prepared technical R&D plans for new cosmetic product innovation that utilized locally-sourced and eco-certified sustainable ingredients.

•  Identified sustainable packaging solutions and sourced a software tool to evaluate the sustainability and recyclability of packaging solutions based on material composition. 


Results: Within 6 months, delivered a strategic plan that formed the basis of the company’s new product development and developed a grant application that secured R&D grant funds.



Case Example: Bioproducts/Bioeconomy 

Problem: A scaling bioproducts company wanted to apply their core biomaterial technology platform into adjacent markets but didn't know where to focus their attention.


•Analyzed the key advantages for their technology platform and assess the market opportunities (market size, speed to market) that could benefit the technology.

•We positioned the technology to fit with two new market applications, detailed the commercial roadmap, and outlined the critical-to-quality & critical-to-customer requirements for market entry.

Results: Delivered a go-to-market commercialization plan for applying the technology to the building materials and personal care markets. The company has successfully entered these markets within a short time.


Case Example: Bioproducts/Water Technology 

Problem: Company was seeking to evaluate the best product-market fit to apply  their novel sustainable materials technology.


•  Assessed the key technology advantages and IP position to narrow down two market applications as the strongest market-entry opportunities.

•  Evaluated the scope of the target markets and identified unique problem(s) that required an effective and urgent solution.

•  Validated the commercial potential of the technology through customer development interviews.

Results: Delivered a preliminary business plan to exploit the sustainable technology for applications in water treatment.



Case Example: Biocomposite Manufacturing 

Problem: Develop new business opportunities to advance patented biocomposite polymers and processing technologies to market.



•  Developed a database of qualified auto sector OEMs with key contacts and business intelligence information.

•  Conducted lead-gen business development with 11 prospects that confirmed interest in evaluating biocomposite materials for automotive applications.

•  Identified innovation funding grants to facilitate the commercialization of sustainable technologies.

Results: Facilitated business introductions with 7 qualified companies and helped lead the early-stage development of new partnership opportunities.

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