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Problem:  Identify novel compositions and scalable processes for producing oral, dissolvable thin film containing active medicinal ingredients. 
Solution:  Using statistical Design of Experiment (DoE) methods, we designed new formulations with enhanced film-forming and rapid dissolving properties; we optimized the process to prepare stable biopolymer dispersions for casting durable thin films.
Results:  Within 6 months, generated two new patent applications and scaled up a dispersion-making process for manufacturing.
Problem:  A scaling bioproducts company wanted to apply their core biomaterial technology platform into adjacent markets, but didn't know where to focus their attention.
Solution: We analyzed the key advantages of their technology platform and scouted suitable market opportunities (market size, speed to market) that could benefit from the technology. We positioned the technology to fit with two new market applications, detailed the commercial roadmap, and outlined the critical-to-quality & critical-to-customer requirements for market entry.
Results:  Delivered a go-to-market commercialization plan for applying the technology to the building materials and personal care markets. The company has successfully entered these markets within a short time.
Problem:  Evaluate the commercial potential, addressable market opportunities, competitive technologies, obtain Canadian manufacturing cost estimates and develop pathway to market for a mobile ECG (electrocardiogram) technology.
Solution:  Performed market research to identify addressable markets, key competitors and pricing for mobile-ECG products. Obtained cost estimates from ISO-13485 manufacturers, identified regulatory clearance requirements, sourced B2B customers & partners, developed business models for commercial market entry. 
Results:  Delivered a comprehensive business plan which addressed the commercial plan for mobile-ECG product, path to market and business model.  
Problem:  Assess market opportunity and collect customer feedback for commercial development of a new instrument innovation based on Scanning Electron Microscopy.
Solution:  Performed secondary market research to identify the target markets; then conducted primary market research interviews with 24 companies using a questionnaire we developed; summarized the data with statistical significance. 
Results:  A large addressable market with few competitors was determined for the innovative product; we identified 10 companies who confirmed interest to be first customers,  
Problem:  Many graduates in STEM subject areas want to learn more about developing their careers in industry, and learning important business skills.
Solution:  We developed and delivered customized professional development workshops for STEM graduate students at three Canadian universities on the topics of career-building and commercialization of technologies.
Results:  The demand from the  successful university workshops was high and we offered them as professional development workshops at the Canadian Society for Chemistry national conferences in 2013, 2015.
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