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PROJECTS:  Materials Processing & Nanotechnology

Case Example: Polymer Materials for Adhesives

Problem: Identify best fit market application for early-stage polymer technology commercialization.


•  Performed market research to identify the addressable markets, market drivers, opportunities, trends, challenges and barriers of entry.

•  Conducted primary market research to gain customer and industrial insights and assess the problem(s) that the polymer technology could address.

Results: Delivered a pathway to market commercialization in adhesive applications and identified commercial partners to co-develop and validate the technology.



Case Example: Electron Microscopy Imaging Accessories

Problem: Evaluate the commercial potential, addressable market opportunity, competitive intelligence, and business model & pricing for three electron microscopy imaging technologies.


•  Performed a full market research analysis to assess the addressable market size, competitive advantage, business models, and pricing for the imaging accessories.

•  Validated the commercial potential of the technology through customer development interviews.

•  Identified regulatory clearance requirements.


Results: Delivered a comprehensive business plan that provided a detailed commercial path to market with pricing models and projected sales and created a Go-to-Market Plan (playbook) showing development timelines, milestones, and investment funding injections.

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