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PROJECTS:  Life Science, NHPs, Biotechnology

Case Example: Life Science Drug Delivery

Problem: Identify novel compositions and scalable processes for producing oral, dissolvable thin film containing active medicinal ingredients. 


•  Using statistical Design of Experiment (DoE) methods, we designed new formulations with enhanced film-forming and rapid dissolving properties.

•  Optimized the process to prepare stable biopolymer dispersions for casting durable thin films.


Results: Within 6 months, generated two new patent applications and scaled up a dispersion-making process for manufacturing.


Case Example: Cancer Immunotherapy Drug

Problem: University researcher wanted to evaluate the commercial potential and prior art IP assessment and gap analysis of new cancer immunotherapy drug to support new venture creation.


• Analyzed technical advantages of the novel technology approach compared to other cancer immunotherapy solutions.

• Conducted market research on cancer immunotherapy market size, growth potential, key market players, risks and barriers to market.

• Performed competitive IP assessment highlighting possible gaps in patent claims and embodiments.

•  Identified grant and financing opportunities to support technology development, venture creation, and commercialization.


Results: Delivered comprehensive IP strategy and market opportunity analysis to support new venture creation and establishment of a global partnership for development and pilot manufacturing of cancer immunotherapy drug.



Case Example: Indigenous Natural Health Product

Problem: Award-winning Canadian Indegenous company wanted to identify the pathways to international markets and have a Go-to-Market plan that aligned with their indigenous values to help them grow and scale successfully outside of Canada.


• Completed global market assessment to identify the addressable markets, market drivers, opportunities, trends, challenges, and barriers of entry.

• Conducted primary market research with global distributors of Natural Health Products (NHPs); recommended top 5 distributors for potential partnership opportunity.

• Assessed regulatory pathways and compliance requirements for cosmetics and NHPs in Canada, USA, UK, EU, and China.

Results: Prepared a comprehensive Go-to-Market plan and commercialization roadmap for international market entry. Delivered recommendations for new product introductions, B2B pricing strategy,  and product marketing for B2B marketing campaings.

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