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Innovation Consultant
Materials & BioScience
Scientific R&D
Project Management
Product Development
Market Research 

Competitive Intelligence
Technology Assessments 
IP Strategy
Grant Writing
GMP Compliance

QC/QA Regulatory Practices
(Bio)Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
Synthetic Chemistry 
Natural Products
(Bio)Chemical Processing

Personal Care & Cosmetics
Food & Beverage

Materials Science
Instrument Analysis & Characterization Methods

Joanne Tejeda is an innovation consultant and project manager with over five years of industrial experience in scientific R&D and commercial development of technologies in the areas of bioproducts, life sciences, personal care/cosmetics, and advanced materials. She has invaluable experience in commercial product development, optimization and manufacturing, market research and business development, IP strategy, sustainability, and QA/QC for regulatory compliance in the Natural and Non-Prescription Health Product Directorate (NNHPD) of Health Canada.

Joanne’s credentials include a PhD (Chemistry) from Western University, and a BSc (Honours Biochemistry) from Brock University.  Her graduate research focused on the development and optimization of novel chemical transformations and their applications towards the synthesis of complex natural products. Joanne is passionate about the STEM field and is an active volunteer with Visions of Science. In 2017, she helped to host the 14th Annual Oncology Research and Education Conference at the London Regional Cancer Program, a division of London Health Sciences Centre. She cares deeply about innovation in the life sciences and cancer oncology fields and wants to steer her professional career on bringing such innovations to commercial market reality.

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