PROJECTS:  Health Technology & AI 

Case Example: Virtual Health Care

Problem: Company was seeking to enter the virtual care market and wanted to assess the market opportunity and landscape of virtual care/telemedicine in Canada.


•  Conducted a complete market assessment of Canada’s health care market  that included size, drivers and restraints, SWOT, and Canada’s readiness to adopt virtual care solutions as a pathway to access health care.

•  We also performed an analysis of  Canadian virtual care companies and primary market research interviews and recommended top companies to approach for potential partnership opportunities.


​Results: The project was launched and completed within 2020, and the company used OIG’s recommendations to develop a firm partnering strategy for entering Canada’s virtual care market.




Case Example: Digital Health Technology

Problem: FDA approved technology had difficulty penetrating the Canadian public healthcare market, and was seeking pilot projects with provincial health authorities.


 Prepared RFP submission and pitch decks for pitching to Canadian territory health authority to pilot the health product kits.

•  Sourced new partners in community nursing and indigenous social services to collaborate in the pilot. 

•  Developed a plan for training plan, deployment, and coordinating the remote patient care pilot trial.

Results: The company was successful in launching a first major pilot demonstration and sales channel in a Canadian territory health authority.